Infinitely Nothingness
Journey to Absoluteness
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Solnarehyah is a Spiritual Practitioner who offers Akashic Readings, Blueprint session, Alignment Sessions, Healings, Intuitive Mentoring, Meditation and Yoga classes while being an unschooling mom of two amazing boys. 
Welcome Light Beings!

Thank-you for finding me as in doing so you have followed your soul's voice. Whatever reason brought you here, I pray you find the message, meant for you.  My name Solnarehyah pronounced (Soul- Nah- Ray- uh) 

I teach group Meditation,  Pranayam classes, offer a Unique ENERYGY HEALING Therapy that combines the healing form i learned and received through my journeys. The Soul Blueprint Reading is a in-depth reading of your soul's path, purpose and unique signature, in addition to clearings and bonus deep meditation that comes with it read more about it here.  Soul Blueprint Reading I also offer personal coaching via skype with recorded meditation sessions customized to address your personal challenges and goals. Meditation Sessions  

I grew up in India and always walked the path of Spirit in some way be it prayers, mantra chants, meditation, yoga, innocent reflections or various Creative expressions of dance, music and art. I majored in psychology which really helped me be aware of the behind the scene subconscious process .

While, I didn't know it back then but Going through challenges and  conquering them since childhood, prepared me for prepared me for something beyond the physical.  I was always seeking something that i didn't know exist as I was always subconsciously aware that there's more to what we can see and feel. 

Discovering meditation in my teens gave me new perspective, a tool to exploring the unknown i sought. I received Spiritual wisdom and meditation practice from Rajinder singh of Science of Spirituality and learnt Meditation, Energy Healing (Sanjeevani, Sambhavi, Sri Vidya), chanting and sacred rituals from Avdoot Shivananda of Shiv Yog Foundation. I trained in Soul Mediumship or reading the aksha and continue to study Meditation Hypnosis from Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Center. I have been practicing pranayam (Yoga) for a long time and teaching it since 2010. I also executed my long-time dream of teaching Indian dance for few years focused and now a little here and there. It has helped me to stay connected with my Indian roots of funfilled music and dance. I dance now to shift my consciousness.  

Becoming a mother brought to surface many unattended and unresolved issues from my past. After pushing away my calling and going through chaotic moments, I emerged with a waking towards the end of 2015. Although fairly recent my awakening has been very rapid. I gained much soulful remembering, dicovered the missing connection i yearned, learnt about my purpose and a lot more of our multidimensional living. I have been a vegetarian since 1993 and now been continuously purifying my intake of what is not natural. I always felt a deep connection to the nature and to an unseen presence and so I find myself crying watching the flowers, flowing water of the creek or hugging a tree. I see now clearly the rhyme and reason for much that happened in my life.

I believe I always was the one to follow my heart and now even more so as that is the voice of the soul/ connection to God/Source. Although i feel much of my expansion comes from my conscious lifestyle and meditation practices, I continue to pursue courses and programs that allow me expansion