Infinitely Nothingness
Journey to Absoluteness
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What is Akashic Records?

Solnarehyah is a Spiritual Practitioner who offers Intuitive Mentoring/Coaching, Readings, Meditational Hypnosis, Energy Healings, Meditation, and Yoga classes while unschooling two amazing boys. 
Welcome Light Beings!
Thank you for finding me as in doing so you have followed your soul's voice. Whatever reason brought you here, I pray you find the message, meant for you.  My name Solnarehyah pronounced (Soul- Nah- Ray- uh) . You can look up my services and reach me if you feel called to any of it.


As a child, I used to have this deep knowing of the truth beyond the physical existence. I would have visions, feeling and just plain knowing, that made me act, react and believe in a specific way. I remember having the certainty that I could disappear here and come into a different life. I didn't know I was connecting with our ability to shift timelines/quantum leaps. The illusion of linear time was a lot more clear to me back then. Feeling people's emotions and other multidimensional experiences somehow become a part of my discomfort in childhood. I grew up in India, exposed to different religions and always in some way or other was in the path of seeking that infinite in different ways. The deeper truth and pure knowing that I felt so strong in a natural childlike manner were not validated or confirmed in my outer circumstances. I forgot almost all of that as I grew up. All that was left was this deep seeking of the unknown which either I was running from or towards. 

My True awakening started to unravel once I became a mother. It's hard to express how it happened but as the old pains and beliefs surfaced, I could no longer be who I had learned to become. Thereafter, with push and pull, with chaos and clarity, conflict and emergence, revelation and acceptance, I came to be more and more of the Real Me, the Infinite God Within that we are.
While, I was born into Hinduism, went to a Christian school and was exposed to Sikhism. In my journey of seeking, since my teens, I've moved through the teachings of mindfulness, Sufism, Yogic meditation, Ancient Vedic practices of energy healing and Sadna (meditation) and other religious beliefs and practices. Including clearings through forgiveness, Akashic record readings, Manifestational Practices and channeling sexual Energy. I majored in psychology and dance, music, yoga, and creative soulful expressions have always been a part of me.   
Now As I journey through this beautiful human experience, expanding, evolving, I offer that, what I have awakened to, the knowing of the Infinite Consciousness we are, the Unconditional Love of the God within to all those who seek and cross paths with as best as I can through Akashic Readings, Healings Sessions, Intuitive Mentoring, Meditation and Yoga classes    
I have learned and trained in many practices yet the wisdom, clarity has always come from within. All we need to know is Within. 

Training/Earthly Learnings
>Spiritual wisdom & meditation practice from Rajinder Singh,  Science of Spirituality
>Meditation, Energy Healing (Sanjeevani, Sambhavi, Sri Vidya), chanting & sacred rituals from Avdoot Shivananda of Shiv Yog Foundation.
>Soul Mediumship or reading the Akasha/Akashic Records from Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Center.
>Meditational Hypnosis Training from Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Center.
>>SOl Healing has come to me through my Journeys within where I was taken through the light code activation from the ancient Lemurian practices.